Dorian's Garden is a 2d game about solving puzzles based around musical notes. It core concept extends from the Simon Game, where you have to remember a sequence of notes.

The game will be designed by creating a system, then exploring the system and showing interesting consequences to the player -- as talked about in this talk by Jonathan Blow and Marc Ten Bosch

The game is primarily influenced by the Swapper by FacePalm games, Jon Blow's games Braid and The Witness and FEZ by Polytron. It hope to capture the spirit of these games but in it's own unique way. Another influence is the music toy 'January' made by Disasterpeace

The project is a personal exercise in both game design and programming, neither of which I've done to such an extent before. It is very much an experiment, so I can't say if the game will turn out to be interesting (but I hope it does).
Throughout development I will add blog posts and videos of its progress at Current art work is from &

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