Game Design: avoiding bots

Oliver  — 1 week, 6 days ago
When approaching the game design, I had some ideas that I wanted to base the game around. One of these ideas was the decision to avoid having the game be solved by a bot. This inspiration comes from the January music toy (link posted in the projects description). A bot could easily play the game with the game only having three key inputs. But as there are no end goals or progression, it would miss the point of the game.
You just enjoy the sounds that are made.

As Mind Man uses discrete movement steps for entities on a discrete ...
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Level Editor

Oliver  — 2 weeks ago
As this game is based around puzzles, one of the requirements for the engine was a strong level editor. One in which I could easily iterate on puzzle designs without much overhead. I knew i wanted to be able to drag entities around, create entities, edit the board, and easily edit the path finding of the AI.

The first step was to create a simple UI system in which I could easily create UI menus in the code, and add actions to buttons. The api looks like the following:

PushUIElement ...
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