Progress & new game trailer

Oliver Marsh
2 years, 2 months ago
Since starting this project for Handmade Network I think I've changed project five times, with different game ideas and a drawing app. None were being finished, so when One thing a Month challenge came up, I jumped on it eagerly. I made a tetris clone with a twist. From this I built it into a puzzle game, over the last couple of months.

I've made this project as simple as possible, with goal of finishing a complete game and releasing it.

Through the project so far, I realised a game doesn't have to take forever to finish. Just being in the space of creating things feels really good. I plan on releasing it in the next couple on months, hopefully on steam,, and apple & google play store. I'm using SDL for the platform layer so I hope it isn't to big a job to get it running on touch devices.

After making this game I realised I learnt to program more for designing interesting games, than engine development. I really like the whole process of building a game in the Handmade way but I find it discouraging wrestling with graphics APIs, multi-platform support and complier switches. So I'm not sure where the next project will be made. Maybe Jai will make it easier or I might learn to use Unity. Who knows!

This is the trailer I've made for it here
I'll keep this blog posted for more info about the game and releasing it.
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